Peace Church Prayer at Peace
Prayer at Peace

Prayer at Peace

God has blessed our church in very special ways through prayer.  Here are just a few…

Prayer meetings happen all the time here.  We have an every other Sunday evening worship-based prayer meeting.

Our pastor, Dr. James Banks, is a popular author and speaker in the area of prayer.  His books have encouraged thousands of people to pray in the U.S. and around the world. James especially has a heart for encouraging parents in prayer.

We have a prayer path which meanders through our 8 wooded acres and arrives at a large cedar cross.  There are stations along the way that will walk you through every phrase of the Lord’s Prayer.  We also have a prayer garden adjacent to the woods beside the sanctuary.

We make prayer a priority during our worship service, with times for both adults and kids to pray, and our bulletins feature practical ways to help our members grow in prayer during the week.

We have a special prayer room where members can sit by the fireplace, kneel on pillows, relax in a recliner, or plug in an Ipod.  It features a number of books and prayer helps to encourage a vital prayer life.

We would love to have the privilege of praying for you.  If you have a special prayer need, please contact us at